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Edward was relieved at his attitude. Sometimes xhamester even when older xhamster porn kids talked nice you could tell they were still going to do something rotten. This kid didn't seem that way. "Yep," he replied. Maybe even though he was older and bigger this kid would be his friend. "Let's go inside," the porno hamster other boy said, pulling open the piece of green particle board that served as the fort's door. He xhamster mature climbed inside. Edward followed and pulled the door shut. xhamster indonesia The fort was big enough for both of them to stand comfortably, even though the other boy had to hunch over a bit. They each sat in a corner to talk. The older boy's name was Alex, and he lived in a place called "The Estates" which Edward thought might be "The States" where all the cool TV came from. His other hamster.com grandma had moved to "The States" last year and he thought it was cool that Alex was from there. He showed Alex all about his fort, even the secret places where he kept his x-hamster hand grenades (pine cones) and his guns www xhamster.com (curved sticks). Alex was impressed and soon they were playing GI-Joe, hunting down Cobra and throwing pine cone hand hamster grenades at enemy agents. When that got boring, they climbed trees and Edward was pleasantly surprised that he could climb higher than Alex could. At one point they got into a wrestling match, and even though Alex xhamster de was xhamster bigger, he let Edward win once. By the end of the day xhamster.com they free porn had decided to be friends. The next day after school Alex invited Edward to his house and Edward found xhamster spanking out that "The Estates" were really just a bunch of townhouses, like the ones he'd lived in before he moved to the new house. He xhamster desi was a little disappointed. Alex's house was a fairly plain place and his dad was a xhmaster big fat bald man who didn't look like Alex at all. 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"What do you mean come?" "That part after it feels really good were it starts to hurt." "Is that what it's called?" "Yeah, that's called coming." "Okay." Edward always liked to know the proper words for xhamster japanese things. That's porno xhamster why he said hamster x "cock" while Alex still said "dink". He'd have to tell Alex about that some day. They both got dressed silently after that, neither one interested any more. Alex went home and Edward went inside. He really liked xhamstercom some of what they did, but it made him feel strange inside. Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 23:51:57 -0400 From: gcutter66london Subject: EERIE, INDIANA WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL. The readership for this sort of work is 18+ in my country and probably most others so do't let your little brother peep. ALL MY CHARACTERS, PLACES AND SITUATIONS ARE FICTIONAL hamsterx AND THE EVENTS PORTRAYED TAKE PLACE ON PLANET CUTTER. ANY RESEMBLENCE TO REAL PEOPLE, www.xhamster xhamsters PLACES, ETC. ETC. IS TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL. GCutter66London My GMail address is no longer operable EERIE, INDIANA 1 - Just Three Boys by G. Cutter 'Jeez, I'm cooking,' Marshall spoke into the blue as he pushed his battered old bike along www xhamster.com the towpath and looked longingly at the xhamster vintage water rushing below them. 'Don't take the Lord's name in vain,' Simon intoned from his rear and then spoilt it all by giggling. xhamster porno 'It's xhamster de damn hot as well.' 'Simon,' Marshall laughed. 'Foul language will send you straight to Hell.' 'Gotta hamster porno be cooler than this.' 'Indeedy.' The x video boys walked side by side both pushing their bikes in file along the path until it widened. They were hoping to meet their odd pal Dash in the mill he called home and share in the shelter. They could mature xhamster lie in the shade and swop yarns and exchange tales on the latest site xhamster.com xhamster weirdness porno xhamster encountered in xhams their home town. Marshall was fourteeen and his sidekick and faithful aide Simon was a year younger but seemed uncertain when his birthday was. All rather odd for a young xhamster videos boy, boys and girls of his presumed age normally awaited birthdays like a vulture waiting for a xhamster jepang meal to lie xhamster japan still but... hey, this www.xhamster was Eerie. 'My bits are all sweaty,' Simon observed as the mill appeared around a corner. 'Jeez..' Marshall replied despairingly as Simon sniggered alongside him. 'I wonder if he's in.' They dropped their bikes in a clatter outside the old building, cautiously opened the big door and scuttled into the shade. It was still warm but not stonkingly hot like it was xhamster sex outside. They could xhamter hear the rush of the water passing under the floor and once their eyes adjusted to the gloom, could see Dash's bedroll and other belongings at the end of the porn large room. xhamster .com Dash himself appeared a moment later pulling his jeans up over what appeared to be a floral patterned pair of boxers. Both visitors blushed, it seemed they had disturbed their friend at a pee or maybe taking a crap. Both were necessary natural functions but not ones they paid a lot of heed to. 'Hi guys,' Dash remained bare chested and sauntered from the darker shadows he'd apeared from. porn xhamster 'What gives?' 'Nothing,' Marshall grinned trying not to ogle Dash's semi nakedness. He'd never really thought xhamstercom about Dash as a sexual object, in fact, he never thought xhamster. of anyone as xhamster vintage a sexual object but the slightly older boy was so white and so smooth, Marshall felt the familiar tingle down below. God, he was having xhamster porn one of his 'happenings' which xhamster granny seemed to occur more and more each and every day. He grunted, he was collecting a woody just looking at another boy. Simon was a little less restrained. 'You've got a nice body,' he blurted out. 'Fag,' Dash laughed and beckoned them into his nest. 'I've got some cold cans,' he bent over in the far corner and hauled a bag xhamsters up attached to a porno xhamster rope, clearly a treasure had been dangling in the running water. He took xhamstercom three cans from what apeared to be a six pack and returned the xhamster .com bag to it's hole. 'Sit,' he commanded and handed the xhamster indian chilled drinks around. 'Phew,' Marshall xhamster mature sat and stripped off his own t-shirt, if Dash could flash his tits then so could he. He felt little Simon's eyes on him as he settled back and uncapped the drink. He was thinking evil thoughts but xhamster. com all xhamster mom boys think evil most xhmaster of the time and it was a very hot afternoon after all. What had crossed his mind was a vision of the three of them laying naked and fondling each other but small chance and no chance of that he suspected. Mind you, Dash xhamster com was rather sexy and Simon... well, Simon was just cuddly. They must have lain there for an hour or so and Dash relaxed enough to pull his jeans off and lay there in his boxers. Marshall feeling rather brave also removed his shorts and lay there in his xhamster japanese briefs but on his belly. He wasn't hard xmaster but he knew he was 'inflated' more than he should have been. He knew that Dash was aware and kept looking xhamster japan at him but thankfully Simon x video seemed oblivious to the hamster.com atmosphere that could have been cut with a knife. 'I'm going for a splash... xmaster fancy a swim,' Dash stood and Marshall could have sworn the mature xhamster xhamster photos prematurely grey haired kid was perking in the nether regions. 'I need to cool off,' Dash grinned down at Marshall and jerked his head towards the back door which led to xha a platform rather like a jetty which overlooked the old mill pool. hamster tube 'Yeah, yeah,' Simon leapt up and promptly dropped his shorts revealing briefs emblazoned with a Spiderman https //xhamster.com/ motif. The older boys laughed at the exhamster frail auburn haired youngster and his slender pale body but Simon didn't care, he was out of the back door in a flash and a second later they heard a splash and a frantic yell. xhamster/ 'It's freezing...' 'After you, Handsome,' Dash murmured and edged Marshall xhamster tube out gay xhamster of the door. Marshall jumped as he felt a hand brush across xhamster photos his bottom and take a quick feel. ''You're the handsome one,' he replied softly and stood out in the sun judging his jump. A second later he cannonballed alongside Simon almost sinking the smaller boy and a moment later Dash was with them. The water was cold initially but they soon got used to it and swam around splashing and catching the occasional arm or leg. Marshall was delighted to feel his privates shrinking in the cold but the sight of both his friends in clinging wet cotton and their two water beaded xhamster tube bodies was x hamster.com enough to keep his internal heat stoked. Simon was the first out and gave the older boys a treat as his briefs porn heavy with water drooped exposing most of his tiny white ass. 'Gawd,' Dash whispered close to Marshall. 'Ditto,' Marshall giggled feeling that hand again and on the same target. 'I think you have designs on my body.' 'Damn right,' Dash kissed him lightly on the back of the neck and swam for the jetty. Marshall was in shock, he knew he had the odd lusting for some schoolmates xhamster categories and even Simon but to be kissed out of the blue by Dash was something else. He watched Dash clamber from the water, the older boy's boxers x.hamster hamsterx didn't sag like Simon's but both halves of his sweet butt were clearly outlined in the wet material. Reluctantly Marshall got out praying that his traitor penis stayed soft. Thankfully it did and he went xhamster granny back into the shade to find his companions sprawled on what passed for a xhamster free carpet. The conversation resumed but now it was different. xhamster stories The boy's damp bodies were almost touching and boy talk was in the air. 'There's something about this damn town,' Dash exclaimed after a long rant about xhamster japan the local shopkeepers and their ways. 'What's new?' Simon giggled. 'I haven't had a wet dream since I've been here,' Dash remarked very clearly and obviously fumbling with his crotch. 'Huh!' Marshall decided to let Dash lead the way with this one. 'What's a wet dream?' Simon had to say it. 'A nocturnal emission.' hamsterxxx 'What?' 'When you dream sex, you xhamster milf harden up and do a little squirt all sorta unconciously,' Marshall decided to contribute. x.hamster He suspected that Dash had a game plan and was willing to go along with it. This time xhams he could feel himself definitely stiffening up inside his wet briefs. 'Tell me...' Simon looked eager but then hamsterxxx again he was a knowledge hound hamster tube and it seemed that his sexual education was sadly lacking for a boy of his age. 'You do get hard?' Dash spoke to Simon but looked across at Marshall and then glanced down at the dark haired xhamster geschichten boys groin. 'Your pecker perks, your woody jerks, your softy gets solid, etcetera, etcetera.' 'Yeah, all the time,' Simon blushed as he was prone to, xhamsters.com he was red headed after all. 'What's a nocturnal thingy though?' 'Overflow,' Dash responded briefly. 'Boys get to a certain stage where their hormones are bubbling under... to get biblical they have to spill their seed.' 'The Sin of Onan,' Marshall contributed. 'If you don't jerk off you'll have wet dreams... and if you do,' hamster porn he laughed shortly. It was one of his personal problems, he jerked off at least twice a day and still had a wet dream every now and then. He'd be having a damn sight more now with the image of the wet and almost naked Dash xxxhamster in his mind's eye. 'Oh...' Simon mumbled still red faced. 'I don't jerk off and I don't have wet dreams either. Mind you I do wake up a bit sticky now and then.' He covered his face with his hands. 'More than you want to know,' he sniggered. 'Not really,' Dash looked at Marshall as if porno making a decision. 'It's time for you to start jerking off, beating your meat, wanking, call it what you want.' 'Dunno how,' Simon mumbled. 'Wanna learn?' Marshall was fully hard now and couldn't do a thing about it. He was also aware where Dash was going as he could see the older xhamster jepang boy xmaster.com was displaying a healthy erection inside his boxers. It was now or never and xxxhamster it all hinged on Simon. 'Yeah,' Simon spoke through his hands xhamster com and both older boys grinned at each other... as easy as falling off a log. 'Huddle in,' Dash instructed and tugged the now giggling Simon so that he was sandwiched xhamster indian between himself hamster xxx and Marshall, it was a wankfest or maybe a group wank but the initial awkwardness was over and Simon submitted xhamster free porn to his briefs being tugged down although his hands were back over his face again, he was wriggling a little but made no effort to hold onto his Spideys. Eyes on xhamster photo each other Marshall and Dash removed their underwear and lay naked either side of the diminutive Simon. 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He'd dropped a few exploratory remarks in the porno hamster past xhamster de and decided that the two home boys were either total virgins or at least innocents and no way did they do 'boy things' together but there's a first time for everything. 'Where's your spare skin?' Simon xhamester demanded looking at Marshall's circumcised penis, xmaster.com he took a feel at freeporn the jerking fleshy shaft and then took a firm grasp as if it was xhamster videos a fishing xhamsterlive pole. 'He's circumcised,' Dash took Simon's hardness between his forefinger and thumb and slowly moved the loose skin to and fro over the youngster's knob. 'Ooooh...' x hampster Simon giggled and started to move his fist up xhamsters videos and down on Marshall's erection. 'Don't xxx hamster hold it so tightly, Sy,' Marshall groaned but noticed that Dash was moving around and quickly figured out what the xhamster photo older boy was doing. He grinned as Dash came into range and reached out. Dash smiled a very wide smile as Marshall took hold. The local boy wasn't that dumb xxx xhamster after all and had a nice grip. The boys x hamsters xhamster xxx took their time getting used to each other until Dash took another great leap forward. 'Wanna treat, Sy?' 'Yeah.' 'One condition... no badmouthing, no laughing.' 'OK, OK.' Simon was willing to try anything, this was fun. He was xhamster femdom with his two heroes and one was handling his boyhood and he had hold of Marshall or more to the point Marshall's thick and hot cock. hamster sex 'Close your eyes then,' Dash ordered. As Simon obeyed Dash looked at Marshall for the last time and ducked his head taking Simon's slightly slimy glans into his mouth. From his first taste he realised whatever the boy thought, he was producing xxx hamster cum albeit very thin and almost watery but the taste was xhamter there. 'Jeez...' Marshall and Simon xh spoke at the xhamster lesbian xha same xhamster mobile time. Well, Marshall spoke and Simon cried out but he held Dash's head tightly as it moved up and down on x-hamster his straining pecker. He was in xhamster live heaven, he was going to remark on this being faggotry plain and simple but heeded Dash's warning. Marshall was thunderstruck, he'd heard of this but never imagined it happening and xhamster xxx to little Sy. He held his breath as Simon xhampster moved around and licked his belly. Surely not? 'Siiiiimon,' Marshall groaned in absolute pleasure. The smaller boy had with absolutely porn xhamster no hesitation licked his xhamster spanking pee slit tasting the boy cum oozing from it and had then sunk his mouth over the sweetmeat and started to suck. There was only one more move to make and Marshall made it. 'Come xhamsters closer,' he rasped and looked at Dash. More shuffling around and Marshall was in on the act. He was free xhamster taking freeporn his first taste of young cock whilst xhamster free porn xhamster deutsch being blown by his best buddy. Truly an afternoon to remember. Marshall didn't know if he was in Heaven or Hell, Simon had solved the teeth problem and was now sucking away like a child on a teat and Marshall had his own mouth full of Dash's thick and super stiff cock. 'Oh, xhamster femdom oh, oh...' Simon squealed and as xhamster gay he did so Dash reached under and grasped the boy's soft butt and took the straining kiddy cock right xhamster indonesia in feeling the tickle of Simon's sparse pubics on xhamster pics his nose. 'Aaaaah... Dash,' Simon gobbled around Marshall's hardness and his hips xhamaster jerked as his cock jerked porno it's very first climax into Dash's eagerly sucking mouth. 'Yum, yum,' Dash lay back and ruffled Marshall's thick dark hair, Simon free xhamster had moved up and was cuddling him as he moved again, this time he hamster tube was going for something bigger. Marshall thought Simon had abandoned him and he had but Dash had also moved and taken over, the www.xhamster.com two were now sixty nining. Marshall didn't know hamster porn the term but Dash did and he grinned around Marshall's slippery x hamster.com sex. Now this was the real thing and Marshall was his real target for the short term, after that would come Simon but early days as yet. 'I'm gonna...' Marshall bleated. 'I'm gonna cum.' 'Let it flow,' Dash managed to splutter just before he felt the first xham warm splash in his mouth and then two or three mouth filling blasts. Marshall's spunk was thick and creamy and Dash swallowed it down feeling his own heat arising and then the blessed relief as as he twitched and spent his own load into Marshall's eager swallows. He was a bit surprised that Marshall had taken it all down but pleased. It was a promise of better things to come or is it cum? 'On my life,' Marshall gasped tasting Dash's thick semen